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As a Criminal Defense Attorney with Soldati Law Offices, Lincoln Soldati represents those who have been accused or charged with a crime.  People sometimes make poor decisions; sometimes those decisions have severe consequences with potential to negatively affect their future.   No matter how serious the charges, you will find that an experienced criminal lawyer can make a difference in your case.  An effective defense can keep you out of prison or have your sentence or charges reduced.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, a drug offense, fraud, a sexual assault, or dwi/dui, etc., in Portsmouth, New Hampshire or anywhere in the State of New Hampshire, contact Soldati Law Offices to protect your rights and give you unsurpassed legal representation.

When facing criminal charges, it is critical that you find an experienced criminal attorneyimmediately. With over 30 years of experience in the legal profession, Lincoln Soldati has the skills and knowledge necessary to vigorously defend your rights as the accused.  As an accomplished criminal attorney, Lincoln Soldati works personally with each of his clients and gives you the detailed attention you deserve when facing a criminal charge. The penalties for a crime can be severe so you must retain a highly-skilled criminal attorney.  As a Criminal Lawyer Portsmouth, Lincoln Soldati focuses his practice on defending the rights of those charged or accused of rape, robbery, burglary, drug offenses, child pornography and computer related crimes.  Knowing the law is one thing, using the law in the courtroom to protect your rights and freedom is another.  If you are interested in speaking with a criminal defense lawyer in Portsmouth call or email us today.

In DWI/DUI cases, it is necessary to find a DWI/DUI defense lawyer to begin working on your case as early as possible. Knowing what your rights are is important.   In all DWI/DUI cases certain laws must be followed by law enforcement officers when conducting a dui stop?  What are the facts about your dui stop?  Were any of your rights violated during the stop?  Was the stop conducted on suspicion or insufficient facts to justify the stop or establish a basis for the arrest that you were impaired while driving?  The bottom line is whether you are charged as a repeat offender or as a first time DWI/DUI these are issues that can only be addressed by an experienced defense attorney.  For help, contact the office of attorney Lincoln Soldati; he will work in your best interest from beginning to end.  As a former prosecutor, Lincoln Soldati has the advantage of having worked on both sides of cases thus has the experience which provides a greater understanding of the issues to give you superior representation.   An experienced criminal lawyer such as Mr. Soldati is going to make sure you are aggressively defended.  Contact Soldati Law Offices today to schedule a consultation regarding your case: 603-427-8044.


Attorney Soldati will be closing his office in 2016 and is not taking on any new clients.

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